How to make your computer faster windows 10

Making your windows PC faster might sounds very hard but trust me it won’t and you can easily make your windows PC faster by just following some little tips and tricks.

The first thing you will need in order to make your PC even faster is to install a PC optimizer. Remember one thing, it will not create a huge impact but your PC will get a noticeable performance by doing this. You can get a free PC optimizer here.

Now here are the other things to consider in order to make your PC faster.

Clear up some data from desktop to make your PC faster.

It might not sounds good but it will help your PC to load up on time and also enhance your productivity. Putting up a bunch of data on your desktop might not help you to find things quickly while working.

By cleaning up your desktop will decrease your PC’s loading time and also help your to organize your data in folders inside local disks of your hard drive.

Buy an SSD for your PC:

The reason why i am telling you to buy SSD is simple, SSD is much faster then traditional HDD. And it will increase your PC performance.

To do your work more productively, it might not be a big investment, rather it is just a small investment with huge benefits.

Turn off background processes

If you turn off the unnecessary process while working on your PC, it might not affect much but surely it will decrease some loading time as your PC will load only processes that you are working on.

Increase Your RAM:

Increasing your PC ram will have a huge impact on your PC. The ram is responsible for all kind of performances on a PC and if your RAM is higher then your PC will work in higher speed.

If you are not doing much heavy work on your PC like video editing and development, then you can simple upgrade your PC RAM to 8GB or maybe even higher if you want to get extra fast speed.

For guys who are doing video editing and development, then should be using 16GB or above RAM.

Shutdown or Hibernate your PC regularly:

If your PC is working on 24/7 then you have a high risk of damage as well some performance issues might take place. So make sure to shutdown your PC regularly to give your PC some relax.

I hope you have understand some important things that are causing problem into your PCs performance and you will do some changing that i recommend above and it will surely help your PC become faster.

That’s all for this article, let me know in the comment section if you want me to write on your favorite topic.


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